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According to The Council of Mortgage Lenders, gross mortgage lending reached £18.5 billion in April. This is 29% lower than March’s lending total of £26.2 billion, but 16% higher than the £16 billion lent in April last year. This is the highest lending total for an April since 2008 (£25.3 billion).
“As we move past the stamp duty change that came into effect at the start of April, we expect to see a quieter second quarter, as some transactions that were due to take place were brought forward to the first quarter of this year. This is likely to mean that over the next few months buy-to-let takes a back seat as lending is driven by first-time buyers, movers and remortgage customers.” said CML economist Mohammad Jamei.

“The underlying picture still shows signs of growth, as the market remains underpinned by strong fundamentals such as increasing wages and rising employment. But it is possible that the uncertainty around the upcoming EU referendum in June will weigh on activity in the upcoming months.” he added.


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