Hanedan Konutlari project that located in İskenderun region of Hatay city is being built by Coşkun İnşaat. Prices of the project start at TL700.000.

Hanedan Konutlari in Hatay!

Hanedan Konutlari project that located in İskenderun region of Hatay city totally consists of 60 villas. Villas of at the project are designed as 4+1 concept. Villas sizes are determined as 278 m2.

The project that built by Coşkun İnşaat also involves security, swimming pool, sauna, spa, steam room, playground for children, cafe, tennis and basketball courts, walking trail and fitness center etc.

Prices of the project start at TL700.000 and rise to TL850.000. Hanedan Houses project that rised 16 thousand 8 hundred m2 land will be delivered June, 2015.

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Hanedan Konutlari Communication

Web Site: www.hanedankonutlari.com

Tel: +90 444 73 03

Damla DOGAN/ damladogan@emlakcoulisse.com

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