The historic house in Australia’s The Hill area was put up for sale. Built in 1940, the house is one of the rare historic houses in the region.

There are still survivors of FEW houses built in The Hills in 1940. These double brick houses are on sale from time to time. One of these houses is located in 5 Scott Place and the historic home will soon be sold.

The house, which will be auctioned from the end of this month, maintains many of its original features. These include exterior pillars, french doors, decorative high dome ceilings, doors with lead light details, and even the original fireplace wrist.

“It is lovely to live in a house with some character and history behind it – it is a special old home that’s for sure,” said Fiona Wallace, who lives there with her partner Graham Dorahy.

“We believe it was used as a GP office. Back in those days they were not allowed to put a plaque with the doctor’s name out the front, it would just have surgeon on it and the back bedroom was used as a waiting room.”

The property without a heir belonged to a retired sheep farmer. The house has been renovated over the years. 3 bedrooms house built on a plot of 923 square meters. Home added another room in time. There was an electric front door attached to the house.

Kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated. An en-suite and a walk-in closet were added to the main bedroom.

Agent Zac Eadie from Manor Real Estate, who is auctioning the property on February 23, said while the home has been modernised it still has a traditional feel.

“Buyers like that it is so unique for this area – there is a lot of them in Epping and close to the inner-city but you just don’t find double brick bungalows in the Hills,” he said.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]