The historic white mansion in the US state of Mississippi is sold for $ 938,000.

There are only a few of the magnificent houses of historical importance in this region. One of these houses is the historic white mansion. The house, which many people wanted to have, was built in 1852.

The house has 5,252 square feet and 4 bedrooms. It also has 4 bathrooms at home.

This unique home in the center of the canton region has great historical significance. The house has four sumptuous bedrooms, four bathrooms, an official dining room, a music room, a lounge, a library, an office, a sleeping porch, a pool, a terrace and a greenhouse.

In 1852, It was built by James Priestley from the front patio, large staircase and four bedrooms. Then Presley added different chapters to the home.

The house at 1912 new additions were made. The current owner of the house has renewed its historic lodge by remaining loyal to its old texture. After the renovation, the house was reborn.

The house, new piers and steel beam foundation were added. Floors, walls and ceilings were changed and windows were repaired and a long-lasting metal roof was added.

Home is called a classic masterpiece by real estate agents. The pavilion’s patio was transformed into an area where new times and pleasures were spent. The most popular feature of the house is the presence of a unique and showy library.

Source: thepriestleyhouse

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