The house in the Australian state of Bulimba attracts many people. Neighbors left letters in the house’s mailbox about particular aspect of it.

Kerrie Matthews moved into Bulimba two and a half years ago. Since the day he was moved, she took a lot of questions from his neighbors about his house.

“Since I’ve moved in I’ve had three people that left letters in my mailbox asking what colour I had painted the house,” Ms Matthews said.

“It’s a dark grey outside and it’s obviously a colour that attracts people.

“I didn’t paint it so I didn’t know the colour but I found a spare tin of paint that was left behind that helped the people.”

The view of the house is really remarkable. The upper floor of the house has a classic Quesslander theme. The walls are made of polished wood. The house has a modern look despite its old style.

“I have owned three different places in Sydney, the last two were extremely modern … so this to me was a real contrast to have a bit of old world and a bit of new world,” Ms Matthews said.

The host Matthews says the house is very convenient for a family. “It’s very family orientated,” she said.

“It’s got a beautifully sized L-shaped plunge pool, and a huge open-plan family and kitchen area.

“It’s also got a butler’s pantry which is really handy for when you don’t want clutter in view — you can just put it in the pantry and sort it out later.”

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