Blockhain is a database that provides transaction tracking. Thanks to Blokchain real estate transactions can be done without being connected to a center. Thus, transactions take place safely between the buyer and the seller. Interceptors disappear. So, how to use Blokchain? What is Blokchai? How does Blokchain affect real estate transactions? Blokchain how the tokenization of real estate assets will reshape the future?

Blockchain entered every area of our lives. Nowadays, e-commerce, file sharing and communication is made thanks to the transaction with the help of Blokchain. On the other hand, the Edurne and Mayel couples made their first marriage in December through the Blockchain, not with the approval of a government agency.

According to experts, Blokchain will digitize the real estate industry. The Blokchain app will boost confidence in the real estate market. Blokchain, cost efficiency, leasing operations can provide a common database between buyers and sellers. All transactions related to payment in decentralized payment projects can be realized through Blokchain.

In the United States, for example, in states such as Vermont and Arizona, laws were adopted to ensure the use of smart contracts.

Blokchain technology has been used frequently in the purchase of commercial real estate. Companies will use more smart contracts in the years to come. Because the purchase of Blokchain very fast and reliable way is doing.

Six usage states of Blokchain

  • Improve property search process
  • Expedite pre-lease due diligence
  • Ease leasing and subsequent property and cash flow management
  • Enable smarter decision-making
  • Transparent and relatively cheaper property title management
  • Enable more efficient processing of financing and payments

Experts and real estate agents say Blochain will be used more in the future. Bokchain, which affects every real estate company, will change its real estate sector completely. In the coming years, even ordinary real estate agents will be able to use blokchain.


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