Smart homes are still in development in the world. But today, smart homes have changed many of our habits. In many countries, the smart home market is growing day by day. The number of rulers engaged in various controls with tablets is also increasing.

In the world, we see smart house technologies in new housing projects for now. Construction companies know that this is a good investment and they combine the wonderful housing they have built with innovation.

So, what will be the smart home technology in the future?

1- Automatic robots

We have many years to see advanced developments in humanoid robots. But the devices like IRobot above offer a very good solution for cleaning your house. We expect the number of such devices to increase in the near future to get rid of the hassle of household sweeping.

2- Smart applications

Smart watches, smart wristbands and smart switches are the technologies we’ve been familiar with for a few years. In a world where everything becomes digital, it would not be wrong to think that homes can be managed through smart applications.

3- Lighting controls

Smart lamps are already in use. Prices can be taken at the level we can say. You can easily control the lights of all the rooms in your home with a simple phone application.

4- To be able to follow energy consumption

We can see which applications have finished the battery of our phones. So do we know which system is the most energy consuming in our house?

A US-based company called Powerhouse Dynamics has developed a system that allows you to calculate everything from household energy consumption to cost. This system can analyze the tools and equipment used at home and tell the home owners that they need more efficient products.

5- Smart toilets

The purpose of smart toilets seems to keep us healthier, and developments in this area are expected to be included in housing projects soon.

6- Cheaper entertainment systems

If we are talking about smart home technologies, we cannot bypass the future of entertainment systems. In the digital age, immediate access to these systems lies beneath a central flow system. Internet-based entertainment systems such as Netflix and YouTube can be reached cheaper than television, so you can have a pleasant time on the initiative of the hosts.

7- Closed and private networks

Internet of Things, the Internet of Things, aims to connect all the devices in our homes in the near future. Therefore, closed and private networks are of great importance at this point. The ability of devices to communicate with each other can be one of the sine qua non of the future smart homes.

Source: paftamag

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]