Indonesian real estate agents want foreigners invesment in the country. It is very difficult for foreigners to acquire and invest in the country. The real estate agents in the country want the real estate sector to provide convenience for foreign real estate agents.

Lukas Bong, chairman of the Real Estate Broker Association (AREBI), said the government should provide comfort to foreign investors for the real estate sector growth in the country.

Lukas said it was still difficult for foreigners to acquire property in Indonesia, despite many expressing the desire to do so.

He added: “We want the government to open up ownership of luxury apartments to foreigners. Many foreigners, such as those from Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, actually want to buy apartments here.”

Lukas said giving opportunities to foreigners to own apartments valued at Rp 10 billion (US$712.04 million) to Rp 20 billion would not cause harm and instead benefit the property industry.

This year, according to Lukas, the country’s growth in the grew to 6 percent. If foreign investors are allowed to acquire property, growth can reach 30 percent. “Believe I’m interested in buying property “said Lukas.

The ownership of foreigners in Indonesia is regulated by the Government Regulation No. 103/2015 and the Regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 13/2016.

According to the regulations, foreigners are allowed to purchase property by complying with the price rules. For example, foreigners in the capital city of Jakarta can only buy a house at the limit of 5 billion Rp.

Agriculture still has a strong weight in the economy. But since it has gained its independence, significant progress has been made in industry, in merchandising, and in trade. Only 7.5% of the soil is planted. It is possible to get crops twice a year in irrigated areas. It is also among the countries that export forest products. The most sown agricultural product in the country is rice.

Despite the fact that rice is grown very much, it cannot meet the needs of the country because it is the basic nutritional material of the people. The majority of arable fields are located in the islands of Cava, Bali and Sumatra. This is the most effective factor in population distribution. Besides rice, tea, spices, tobacco, corn, peanuts, sugar cane, cassava, potatoes, coffee, soybeans are important products grown.

Source: thejakartapost

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