Constructed by Isis Insaat in the district of Beykent. You will be informed about Isis Park location in this news Using bank loan is available within Isispark payment option.

Isis Park location!

Isis Park location!

Isis Insaat is building a new property on the European side of Istanbul.You will be informed about Isis Park location in this news. Isis Park delivery date will take place at the end of 2014.

Where is Isis Park?

This Turkey real estate property situated in the district of Beykent which is a part of Beylikduzu on the European side of Istanbul by Isis Insaat..

The project is composed of 4 floors high 2 blocks with 32 apartments.Using bank loan is available within Isispark payment option.

This housing development offers a choice of 2+1,3+1,4+1 and duplex types.Isis park apartment prices start at TL 325,000. The apartment sizes vary between 130m2 and 310m2.

Isis Park location:

The project is situated behind of the Perla Vista Shopping Malls.

Isispark Beykent sales office address:

Adnan Kahveci District, Konak Street, No:1 Beylikduzu/Istanbul

Beykent Isis Park Istanbul contact info:

+90 212 853 51 00

Web Site :

İrem Küpeli/

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