The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started the project with the cooperation of Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers after Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had wanted taxi stops to be modernised during a visit to taxi drivers…

Istanbul streets to be decorated with new cab stands!

Istanbul streets will be decorated with new taxi stands, which have a different look like a classical car, pavilion and ferry port, within 6 months, Yahya Ugur, head of Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers told in an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA).

“Cab stands are furniture of a city. New stands are important for the city’s view and will make a contribution to city’s tourism,” Ugur told AA. 

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started this project with the cooperation of Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had wanted new model of taxi ranks during a visit to cab drivers.

Talking about the models Ugur said, “Four different models have been chosen among 10 models designed. One of them seems like a classical car. It is the first in the world.”

Historic pavilion and a ferry port are among the other models. The most significant and liked model is classical car-like model.

There are 650 taxi stops across Istanbul. New stands will be completed within 2 or 3 years. In the first 6 months, 150 stands will be launched. Taxi drivers could choose their own rank’s model. 

In another project is to bring more special taxis to Istanbul, which will be much more comfortable and luxury. According to this proposed project, people could prefer these taxis by paying much more money.

Women cab drivers is also another project launched in Istanbul in the recent years. Istanbulites can take a taxi, driven by a woman. 

There are still limited number of women taxi drivers in the traffic but it is expected to be increased in the future. “We think women as taxi drivers bring a contribution to this work,” Ugur emphasized. 

Istanbulites pleased with new stands 

“It is a good project and will contribute to Istanbul’s image and it will be very useful for us as well. Our comfort will also reflect to our clients,” Tuncay Ozer, a taxi driver told. 

“It is a significant project for Istanbul. I think it will also be good for Istanbul’s promotion and will provide cab stands to be a symbol of the city,” Kadir Onum, a tourist guide told, expressing his pleasure over the project.


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