Japan will distribute free home to prevent ghost cities. After World War II in Japan there was a population explosion. The housing sector also experienced a serious growth and housing supply exceeded demand.

Japanese people began to migrate to cities in time. Therefore, the population in rural areas decreased. In the abandoned rural areas, akiya, which no one lived in, began to appear.The number of akiyalar is increasing every day.

The Japanese government has made an interesting decision to avoid this. The government will distribute them free to prevent ghost houses.Initially, the Okutama area was selected as the pilot region.

But Japanese goverment have some terms

The person who is seeking a home must be under the age of 40, his / her wife is under 50 and must have at least one child under the age of 18.

One of the requirements of the restoration and maintenance of the house will meet the needs of the house.

If the country does not take action, by 2040, more than 900 settlements will be empty.

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