johny depp

Two weeks ago, Johnny Depp has filed a $28 million lawsuit against The Management Group (TMG) over claims he has been the victim of “gross mismanagement” which has cost him “tens of millions of dollars”.

According to documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Depp, 53, claims the company and its owners, Joel and Robert Mandel, failed to properly pay his taxes, made unauthorised loans and overpaid for security and other services.

And on Tuesday, said former business managers—the Management Group—countersued Depp, alleging that the actor “lived an ultra-extravagant lifestyle that often knowingly cost Depp in excess of $2 million per month to maintain, which he simply could not afford.”

The complaint claims Depp spent:

-Over $75 million to “acquire, improve and furnish 14 residences, including a 45-acre chateau in the South of France, a chain of islands in the Bahamas, multiple houses in Hollywood, several penthouse lofts in downtown Los Angeles, and a fully-functioning house farm in Kentucky.

-Over $18 million to “acquire and renovate a 150 foot luxury yacht.”

-Millions “acquiring and/or maintaining at least 45 luxury vehicles.-

-$30,000 per month on wine “he had flown to him from around the world for his personal consumption.

-Over $3 million “to blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author Hunter Thompson over Aspen, Colorado.

-Millions “to acquire and maintain a massive and extremely expensive art collection including over 200 collectible pieces and works by world famous artists such as Warhol, Klimt, Basquiat, and Modigliani; many pieces of expensive world class jewelry; and approximately 70 collectible guitars.”

-Over $150,000/month on full-time security for his children.

-At least $300,000/month on a staff of approximately 40 full-time employees.

-Over $10 million in financial support to his friends, family, and certain employees.

-Over $4 million on a start-up musical label run by a childhood friend.

“For years, TMG repeatedly informed Depp and [personal manager/Depp’s sister Elisa Christie] Dembrowski and personal lawyer, Jake Bloom, that Depp was living beyond his means, and urged him to spend less and to sell certain expensive but unnecessary assets to repay loans and pay his taxes and living expenses,” the TMG filing states.