Kenya is preparing to partner with private landowners to implement appropriate housing plans.

State Department for Housing and Urban Development Charles Mwaura said that individuals, who own huge tracts of land have been invited to become partners in the implementation of the mass housing programme.

“We are interested in getting private landowners into the affordable housing programme provided they will comply with the stipulated guidelines,” Mwaura said. Mwaura added that a legislative framework had been in place to facilitate private investments in low-cost shelter.

Kenya aims to develop 500,000 housing units annually as part of the Big Four Agenda outlined by President Uhuru Kenyatta to transform the country.

The Kenya government has announced that Kenya has an annual 200,000 housing shortage due to high land costs, archaic regulations and bottlenecks in the real estate sector.

Mwaura said that availability of land is key to bridging housing deficit in the rapidly growing urban centres.

“Private landowners will help us develop projects that would be added to the affordable housing programme pipeline. The government will facilitate strategic partners to deliver low-cost shelter to citizens,” Mwaura said.

“Currently, we are receiving applications from partners with technical and financial capabilities to develop housing units for the low-to middle-income groups,” Mwaura said.

The affordable housing programme is expected to promote social equity, stimulate economic growth and create an estimated 350,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2022, he said.


Sevdenur Demir /