Actress Kristen Dalton owns a Beverly Hills investment property to rent $ 6,500 a month on a long-term basis. Dalton bought the property in 1999 for $ 557,000.

The property, Italian building materials were rebuilt with cherry floors, a kitchen with breakfast bar and open-plan living areas. Moreover, built in 1962 in a French Normandy style, the property has a living room with a fireplace, a 800-square-foot bonus room, two bedrooms and 2.016 foot square white-walled interior with three bathrooms.

The 52-year-old bought the property in 1999 for $557,000, public records show, and has been leasing it out for at least a decade. Furthermore, Victor Brown and Denise Snanoudj with the Agency are the listing agents.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Melike Vodina /