KanAm Grund Group’s Leading Cities Invest public fund continues to expand in Nice. The company bought a mixed-use building in Nice in accordance with the French expansion policy.

The building purchased by the KanAm Grund Group’s Leading Cities Invest fund is a mixed-use building in Avenue Notre Dame, Nice. The building location is located in an accessible area. The building is 300 meters from Nice-Ville.

The five-storey building includes office and retail areas. However, there is an open car park. The purchase price has not been announced by the parties.

In Nice, one of the most important cities of France, tourism and technology are the mainstay of economy. 22/26 Avenue The newly purchased asset in Notre Dame is close to the main shopping streets. He is expected to benefit from it in the coming months.

Leading Cities Investment continues to invest in cities with potential for development. The company’s investment range consists of exclusive office buildings and retail outlets. It includes a number of different commercial properties, from High Street properties to hotels.

Source: europe-re.com

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]