A community designed for the 21st Century starts with a carefully considered master plan. Integrating a future town centre, pedestrian linkages, public transport, cycling routes and 15 hectares of public reserves, Lightsview intends to be the benchmark for modern and sustainable communities in Australia with a strong focus on modern housing design.


Lightsview has been carefully designed so that green open spaces are simply an extension of your front yard giving you all the room you could ever want without the need to maintain it! Even as Lightsview matures a variety of local transport facilities and linkages exist providing you with easy inner-city convenience.


Careful attention to convenience and open space have taken absolute precedence in Lightsview’s design. Features like large parks and open reserves will welcome you to a whole new world of recreation and respite with every new home being no more than 200m of stunning local park or reserve.

And not far from your front door are plans for a future town centre featuring café’s and including specialty stores just waiting to be of service.

Prices start from A$295,000 in project.

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