If you want to be aware of real estate industry . You can check out one of these suggestions. Contact to real estate news websites is one of the way to be followed or aware in real estate industry.

Link Building Tactics for REAL ESTATE Industry!

Link Building Tactics for REAL ESTATE Industry!

1) Resource Page

Identify and contact websites that have resource pages that promote information related to housing. Contact these websites and make them aware of your website.

2) Target EDU websites

Getting links from university websites (.edu or .ac.uk etc) are always helpful and will in-turn improve the relevance and authority of your website. Besides using these links as a way to get your website in front of students, it can also improve your rankings on Google if mixed with other link building strategies.

3) Make use of your inner pages

Most real estate websites have a page dedicated to each inpidual apartment/house listing on their website. Start working backwards by identifying inpidual listing that are popular. Add something fresh and relevant on your pages, and contact websites that have mentioned these properties in the past. If your page has enough value for their readers, they will link to you each time they mention the property.

4) Partner with high traffic websites

There are websites like Reddit or Moz that get tons of traffic each month. If you can get listed or a relevant mention on websites that attracts your potential customers, then you will get some good referrals from them. For example, Reddit has a section that is related to moving that can be useful for any real estate website. If you can add value, then you may get a link to your website.

5) Create detail guides

Create detail neighborhood guides for each area you are targeting. Then, contact local websites and promote your neighborhood guide on their website. An example is Trulia’s neighborhood pages which gets links from local websites in that neighborhood.

6) Create content to Make People Feel Safe

When people are moving to a new neighbourhood, they are concerned about how safe the neighbourhood is. Can you create something which will make them more aware of the safety standards of the neighbourhood? This will get you a lot of links and relevant traffic from people who really want to know how safe a neighbourhood is, such as crime maps.

7) Write content on big data

If you have access to the behavioural patterns of your customers, you can use that to create a study on how their behaviour is related to the changes in the economy. I have noticed that most big editorial websites in the real estate section refer regularly to studies that are somewhat related to mortgages.

8) Contact Blogs Via Broken Links

The approach to getting links from blogs is similar to tactic 1. Identify blogs that are linking to businesses that are similar to you and contact them via broken links. Not including a picture here, as it is quite common.

9) Answer big questions like ‘Rent vs Buy’

How well do you know your customer? In the real estate industry, one topic that keeps coming up is the ‘Rent vs Buy’ questions? Should I buy an apartment? How many years will it take before owning a home becomes more financially advantageous than renting the same home?

10) Take advantage of celebrities

This is an easy one. Identify all the celebrities that are living/renting/owning a property in the areas that you are present, and build detail pages for these properties. Each time news outlets carry their story, they will link to your website if you can offer something new, or present the same old in a a different way 😉

11) Widgets  

In the real estate industry there are many websites that will promote your widget if you can offer something exclusive. Below I have attached a few pictures of some widgets that gets promoted a lot. There is more opportunity : If your website also deals with rentals, can you provide a ‘Recently Rented Home’s’ widget, or a widget that will easily allow someone to check if they are paying too much rent?

by Arjun Rajkumar 

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