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Londoners are spending nearly two-thirds of average income on rent, according to the Evening Standart

Six years ago, tenants spent more than half their income on putting a roof over their heads in only five
London boroughs.That figure has now increased to 20 out of 32 in the capital.

Rental values in London have risen by nearly five per cent (4.67%) since June 2015, with the average rental
price for a property in the capital standing at £1,467 compared to £1,402 in the summer.

London Top Five Rent  Risers – (from June to October 2015)

1-Greenwich – increase of £338 (average rent of £1,397 pcm)
2-Brent – increase of £201 (average rent of £1,493 pcm)
3-Newham – increase of £197 (average rent of £1,378 pcm)
4-Lewisham – increase of £194 (average rent of £1,305 pcm)
5-Lambeth – increase of £182 (average rent of £1,617 pcm)

The average price of a UK house is expected to increase by £17,000 by the end of next year.This year average
house price has increased between £20,000 and 289,452 in UK.

According to the Knight Frank/Markit House Price Sentiment Index (HPSI), households in all UK regions expect
house prices to rise over the next 12 months, with the strongest growth expected by households in London.Some
11.1% of individuals said they plan to buy a house within the next two years, down from a 12 month average of
12.8% .