Luxury apartments in Melbourne : Trentwood by Kokoda Property


The beauty of Trentwood is fortified in layers of congruent architectural elements. From balconies both recessed and projected that create a sense of rhythm across Trentwood’s exterior, to the warm timber screens that lend the façade a linearity that is at once striking and welcoming, this building represents a beautiful convergence of modern and inviting.


Trentwood’s lobby proves that utility does not have to come at the expense of beauty. Echoing the exterior aesthetic of the building, soft-lit wooden panels make for an easy transition between outside and in, while floor-to-ceiling glass panels flood the space with light and warmth. Furnished with soft touches of luxury and complete with a full sweep of communal amenities, the lobby transcends a transitional space to become an extension of home and community.


The rhythmic language of Trentwood’s exterior is referenced throughout the interior elements, achieving a harmonious dialogue between inside and out. Just as positive and negative volumes give shape and distinction to the building’s façade, these undulating depths are used within Trentwood’s apartments to create function, form, and a series of comfortable nooks whose purpose is open to interpretation.


Trentwood is a vision of life as it’s meant to be lived. Only 10 km from Melbourne CBD, reality is easily accessible — but also easy to escape.

Prices are between A$650,000 and A$975,000 in project.

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