Located at the İkitelli district in Istanbul, residences at Mall of Istanbul with prices starting at TL 287,000 are now handed over to their owners.

Mall of Istanbul  Prices start at TL 287,000!

Realized by Torunlar GYO (real estate investment trust) and located at İkitelli district in Istanbul, Mall of Istanbul is a housing project consisting of 1114 apartments.

Mall of Istanbul has allocated 23,000 square meters for housing and shopping facilities with 350 shops for sale. 135,000 square meters are renting space, 115,000 square meters are for housing purposes and 25,000 square meters are reserved for offices.

Apartment sizes at Mall of Istanbul start from single room and go up from 1 bedroom plus living room to 4 bedrooms plus living room. The sale prices start at TL 287,000. Lower stories are delivered first. Real estate loans are available.

Mall of Istanbul has recreational facilities which include jogging and walking tracks, swimming pools, sports grounds, fitness centers, saunas, Cafe and restaurants.

Mall of Istanbul address: Süleyman Demirel Bulvarı Mahmutbey/Başakşehir İstanbul

Mall Of İstanbul contact: call: 444 2 664 or  www.mallofistanbul.com.tr

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