According to experts, one of Australia’s major cities, Melbourne, housing crisis will defeat Sydney.

Australian real estate experts think the real estate sector is getting worse in Sydney. But the real estate crisis in Melbourne is deeper. That’s according to the newly-released Fourth Quarter Housing Forecast Report from CoreLogic and Moody’s Analytics, which predicts a dwelling value plunge of 3.3 per cent in Sydney and up to 6 per cent in Melbourne, driven largely by the inner-city markets.

In 2017, Sydney saw a drop of 5.8 after a 12.8 percent increase. “Peaks and troughs in previous cycles have been steeper for houses, which in part reflects the difficulty in unlocking new supply; conversely, apartment supply tends to outstrip house supply in Sydney,” Moody’s Analytics economist Katrina Ell said in a release.

“A high level of supply has now come on line for apartments in the inner city and surrounding areas as well as dwellings in suburban areas via land releases and removal of some development restrictions — this will contribute to the forecast slowdown in 2018 and 2019.”

Meanwhile, according to Moody’s Analytics and CoreLogic, strong buying activity is taking place in the western and inner parts of Sydney. In the coming years, Perth prices are expected to fall by 2.8 percent and Adelaide prices will increase by 2.6 percent. According to the Hedgehog Home Value Index, dropped by 2.3 percent in December. This figure is the lowest since 2008.

Chief economist Nerida Conisbee says “What our numbers are showing is that the downturn isn’t as severe as the data coming out of CoreLogic — from its peak we’ve seen a 5.7 decline in Sydney and 2.5 per cent in Melbourne from the peak, which is far less of a decline,” she told

“Sydney has already overtaken Melbourne which should extend for the next six months.

“What we’re seeing at is that the decline in buyer activity is consistently greater in Sydney than Melbourne.

“Rental demand is also holding up pretty well in Melbourne and we’re seeing a lot of Melbourne suburbs on the list of most views per listing — Red Hill and Middle Park have some of the highest in Australia, so although prices are consistently dropping in Sydney, pockets of Melbourne continue to hold up.”


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