Architects want to build micro houses from the Sheltainers shipping containers for people living in cemeteries in Cairo.

Egyptian architects Mouaz Abouzaid, Bassel Omara and Ahmed Hammad proposed a housing project for people living in graveyards. Sheltain, the winner of the World Architecture Festival’s WAFX Ethics and Value category, has offered to build micro houses for urban cemeteries and people living in the suburbs.

The Necropolis of Cairo, known as the City of the Dead and Al-arafa, is a four-mile region in the southeastern part of the Egyptian capital. 500,000 to one million people live in the region.

Abouzaid, Omara and Hammad said they saw a “professional and moral duty” to address this housing crisis in their work.

“People have been building light structures from wooden, fabric, plastic, or metal scraps which is a hazard for life and safety,” the architects told Dezeen.

“With our knowledge and the residents’ manpower we can convert the shipping containers to homes. They have been living under metal corrugated sheets, which is beyond inhumanity.”

Architects say that metal cargo boxes need to be refined because they are more robust.

“Egypt has many ports – the nearest one is one hour away from the project site. There are many unused containers left out to rust and here was our starting point,” said the architects.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]