Midtown, Midtown Plaza luxury apartments will be built on the empty land in the city center.

Construction of luxury development is planned to start in the coming weeks. The project will be built on 3420 Broadway. In the first phase of development planned to end in 2020, 107 luxury apartments will be built. The site will be located near Metropolitan Community College and Kansas City Life Insurance.

The project will include not only houses but also offices and retail areas. California-based Kartel Capital, the owner of the project, bought the building in 2008 and received approval for resonance in late 2015.

According to Cohen-Esrey, Kartel Capital has brought Overland Park-based Cohen-Esrey Development Group a year ago to help.

Tom Anderson, managing director of Cohen-Esrey Development Group, said the project has been under the radar in recent years, as the team slightly reworked plans. He did not disclose a total cost.

The project is four blocks from the development area of the tram and the main street in Midtown.

Anderson said the line wasn’t a factor in selecting the location, though it reaffirmed the decision to do the project in Midtown.

“That certainly helped to substantiate our belief in the location,” he said.

He said the choice to build in Midtown was a reflection of the opportunities to fill in the gaps between Downtown and the Country Club Plaza.

Source: bizjournals.com

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]