Luxury homes in many parts of the world are on sale. Because of their prices, these millions of dollars houses can only find buyers in 3-4 years.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are sold all over the world.

This house in California is sold for $ 500 million. The 9200 square meter house has 20 rooms.

Located in Hong Kong, this house is sold for $ 447 million. The 530 square meter house has 4 rooms.

The house in France is sold for $ 413 million. The house is 1670 square meters in size and has 14 rooms.

The house in Colorado is sold for $ 279 million. The 35000 square meter house has 72 rooms.

The house in Texas is sold for $ 250 million. The 13000 square meter house has 13 rooms. It also has a mini airport.

The house in California is sold for $ 195 million. The 2600 square meter house has 33 rooms.

The house in California is sold for $ 165 million. The house is 9200 square meters.

Source: Robb Report

Fulya Altunyay/[email protected]