Nashville real estate offers good deals for local real estate agents.  The capital of the state of Tennessee in the United States, Nashville is an important investment area for local real estate agents. Why is Nashville real estate worthwhile? How Nashville real estate offers local real estate agents opportunities?

Nashville real estate star has shine recently. The city, which is known as the capital of music in America, began to rise in real estate. In real estate, there’s nothing more important than ‘location, location, location.’ Lisa Gaston knows that well having seen the ‘it-location’ change over her 30-year career as a realtor in Nashville.

“I remember, you know in high school, we didn’t go downtown. You know but now, we go downtown twice a week,” said Lisa Gaston, Managing Broker, Parks, The Gulch Office.

According to realtors, people are now closer to the city center and want to live in modern districts.

“Retail has come in, the close proximity to the airport is very important to a lot of people and the radius to downtown Nashville is also important to a lot of people with their commutes to work,” said Gaston. “So yeah, I’ve seen a huge change in East Nashville.

Realtors say that the region, which was not valuable in the 1980s, is gaining value today.

“National averages on appreciation in real estate is about 5-percent. Nashville has been enjoying 10-to-12-percent increase in value, some neighborhoods more than that.” Neighborhoods like Cleveland Park, where a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom home, less than 2,000 square feet increased in value by 124-percent in 8 years, or 15.5-percent per year.

A home in Shelby and Lockland Springs rose by 11 percent over the years. Ingelwood, a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms increased by 19 percent in 8 years.

“It’s just amazing to see how the numbers have increased over the years,” said Gaston.


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