Nef 13 residence prices can be read in this news. Constructed by Timur Gayrimenkul in Merter district on the European side of Istanbul. Click for the further information.

Nef 13 residence prices!

Nef 13 residence prices!

Timur Gayrimenkul build a new housing complex in Merter district on the European side of Istanbul. you will be informed about Nef 13 residence price.The sale process continues for Nef 13.

Nef 13 consists of 637 residences, 37 commercial units, 108 home offices.

Nef 13 residences for sale are designed as 1 ,2 and 3 bedroom type choises. The deliveries of the Nef 13 is sceheduled to be June 2016. Situated next to Police house.

Nef 13 Merter payment options:

Nef 13 can be owned by %3 downpayment including affordable Nef 13 residence prices: Nef 13 residence price  starts at TL 260,000

Nef 13 Merter offers these amenities:  swimming pool, fitness center, steam room, sauna, sport fields, cinema.

Nef 13 contact info: 444 9 633


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