1111 residence will be built under the project. located on urban transformation area in Gaziosmanpasa, Gul construction took in charge of the project. the construction will be started in 3 months.

New project in Gaziosmanpasa by Gul Construction!

Gaziosmanpasa took attention as urban transformation area by gul construction  after sur, Yesil, Nef Construction firms. 

Gul Construction Gaziosmanpasa will be situated in Gaziosmanpasa Galeri  Street. The project spans over 40 decare piece of land.

The construction will be started in 3 months. The homeowners and construction firm has compromised on being ejaculated their homes. The old buildings will be ejaculated in a month.

There will be commercial units as well under the project. the total number apartments are determined as 1111. 30,000 m2 has been designed as commercial units which will have frontal in the Galeri street side.

There will be green spaces and social facilities in the project. 4 months later the preliminary sales will be started.

Gul construction Gaziosmanpasa contact info: For more information please call sale office 0212 573 0319 or visit http://www.gulinsaat.com.tr/

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