New project in Izmir Cigli, Mabeyn Recidence is being constructed by doga Yatirim in Cigli county which is a part of Izmir province. Details in the news

New project in Izmir Cigli, Mabeyn Recidence!

New project in Izmir Cigli, Mabeyn Recidence!

Mabeyn Residences are being built in Cigli which is a county of Izmir province. The project spans over 59,915 m2 piece of land. Being constructed by Doga Yatirim, Mabeyn residence contains hotel an shopping mall except residences.

Izmir Mabeyn Residence consists of 120 resideces which are 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom types.

The project is situated in Cigli, Yenisehir.

Izmir Mabeyn Residence visuals:

The project is compoesed of health center, Restaurant, Cafeteria, amusement park etc. The deliveries are scheduled to be in 2015  September.

Izmir Mabeyn Residence contact info: 444 99 39

Web adresi:

İrem Küpeli/

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