An island country that attracts attention with its new zealand young people. However, young people cannot own a house because of the expensive house prices. Therefore, the new zealand government has launched a campaign.

The name of the campaing “Kiwibuild”. The Kiwibuild aim is to enable young people to buy a house. The campaign has some conditions: They are under the age of 40 and take the first time. A large part of the young population in the country does not have their own house.

This is because chronic undersupply of homes and high house prices. New Zeland goverment by talking into consideration real estate problems. The government has taken important steps to destroy a high degree of homelessness and to encourage home purchase.

New Zeland model for Kiwibuil is different. New Zeland goverment no deposit fee from home buyers. Thus, houses can be purchased at fixed prices.

Jason Cooper, who lives in the new zealand, dreams of having his own house. This time changed up to 18 houses. Cooper say that I am still shocked that, at the age of 33, in a professional job as a lawyer, I can’t afford a house.

New Zeland housing minister Phil Twyford say people like Cooper were exactly who the programme was meant to help. We’re not apologetic that young professional couples, who are locked out of the housing market, are going to get a chance with KiwiBuild.

Twyford add says that the government needed to feel sure buyers could service their mortgage. “I know people were genuinely shocked that the income cap was set so high, but that’s a sign of how out of whack the housing market has got.

Before the Kiwibuild campaign Cooper told after several attempts to buy his first home, I had given up.

New Zealand, where only a quarter of people aged 40 and below own their own homes. This figure was higher than before in 1991 but has fallen in recent years. In fact, the decline in home world trend. New Zeland goverment overcome decline in home.

The government is trying to minimize the homelessness rate by making economic housing.


Sevdenur Demir/ realestatecoulisse. com

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