First Wessex and Sentinel Housing Association have merged to form VIVID. The new company launched on 24 April 2017 and is Hampshire’s largest provider of affordable homes.

VIVID plans to build at least 1,200 new homes a year across all tenures – this is around double the number of units each of our organisations would have been able to do alone – making us a major player amongst UK housing associations.

Currently the company has around 30,000 homes across 20 local authorities. With around 70,000 customers and 1,000 staff, including our own construction arm called VIVID Build, and a repairs team.

Peter Walters, Chief Executive at VIVID said: “We’re very excited by the positive impact that VIVID will make on our ability to build more homes for local people, whilst continuing to deliver great services to customers. Our ambition is to maximise opportunities to make more housing available and affordable to everyone.”

Mark Perry, Chief Executive Designate said: “VIVID brings together the expertise, financial strength and housebuilding potential of two well established, innovative and successful organisations. And we’ve created a high performing and influential business, better placed to respond to the ever-changing environment in which we work.  Our plans to build 1,200 new homes a year include a mix of social and affordable rent, shared ownership and private sale.”

Peter Walters, former Chief Executive of First Wessex will step down from his transitional role as VIVID’s Chief Executive in six months to pursue other career opportunities, after which Mark Perry, who was previously Sentinel’s Chief Executive will formally take over.

VIVID’s Chair is previous Chair of Sentinel, John Barker who will step down after a transitional period to let Mike Kirk, former First Wessex Chair take the helm.

Source: First Wessex

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