The donation of the Notre Dame Church in Paris was burned. Companies with a history of 856 years, finished construction in 1403 entered the race for the historic church.

After the fire in the Church of Notre Dame in Paris, donations were started to be rebuilt and renewed. After the fire in the Notre Dame Church in Paris, the rich in France began to pour money for the reconstruction and renewal of the church.

First, Kering’s luxury goods manufacturer, the Pinaults family, donated 100 million euros on Monday evening before the fire ended. On Tuesday, the Arnault Family and LVMH, a large luxury group in the world, donated 200 million euros to this great church, the symbol of France.

The money collected at the end of Tuesday was 700 million euros. In addition to the French families, the international rich also participated in the financing. Total French energy giant Total contributed 100 million euros. Bettencourt Meyers family, cosmetics company owner L’Oreal cosmetic group as a shareholder, with the contribution of 200 million euros, said they will finance the construction. US technology giant Apple also said it will contribute.

Paris’s socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo also demanded 50 million euros from the city’s budget. The construction of the Church of Notre Dame turned into a struggle between Bernard Arnault and his family (the richest man in Europe). As the presence of LVMH was higher, Mr. Arnault had to give more. Mr. Arnault’s net worth is $ 90.4 billion, making him the world’s third richest.

The competition between Arnault and Pinault has been in place since 1990. On the other hand, the Italian Gucci is in the middle. The Bouygues Family owned telecom and construction company invested 10 million euros. The advertising company JCDecaux gave 20 million euros. French bank Societe Generale promised 10 million. Henry Kravis’ s group KKR and his wife, Marie Josee Kravis, gave 10 million euros. Fondation du Patrimoine will give extra money to repair the church, but now added 4 million euros. But in a historic church built in 1403 with a history of approximately 856 years, such as Notre Dame, the situation will be corrected no matter how much destruction. But the rich French, on the one hand while depositing money on the other hand do not fight.

Temporary Notre Dame Cathedral proposal

Patrick Chauvet, the pastor of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was visited in a fire in Paris, France, made an interesting offer. Chauvet asked for a temporary cathedral in front of Notre Dame.

Patrick Chauvet, the pastor of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, returned to the post-fire in Paris, France.

According to the news in Star Newspaper; Chauvet asked for a temporary cathedral in front of Notre Dame.

The cathedral will be closed for five years, said Chauvet, speaking to French CNews. Not a temporary cathedral in front of Notre-Dame can not be done? Bir he said. According to Chavuvet, the new wooden structure must be beautiful, symbolic and attractive Ch. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, says he also welcomed the idea.

Short circuit cause of fire

Paris Police made a statement on the issue. The statement, the Notre Dame Cathedral in the fire is likely to cause a short circuit was recorded.

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