The Ocean Dream project will take place in Coney Island, Brooklyn, home to the legendary amusement park. The project will open in 2019.

425 apartments in the project will be built in 21 floors. The apartment will have a view of the ocean. According to experts, through this project can be a real estate explosion in Brooklyn.

“Demand for projects like Ocean Dreams will be strong, from not only millennials but from nostalgic baby boomers that enjoyed Coney Island during its heyday in the ’50s and ’60s,” said John Boyd, a management consultant and owner of the The Boyd Co., a corporate selection site.

“Look for strong demand to also come from Russian investors and the Russian community that has gravitated to the Coney Island environs in recent years,” he added. “Coney Island redevelopment could not come at a better time.”


Sevdenur Demir /