A grade military hospital was purchased for £ 60 million to be converted into a housing project İn UK.

Aldershot II. Graduated military hospital building will soon turn into houses. The hospital building was purchased for approximately £ 60 million.

Weston Homes, which will develop the residences, acquired the Cambridge Military Hospital from the Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO) and Grainger.

The acquisition covers 12 acres of Victorian and Edwardian buildings. The hospital building was built between 1875-79 according to the plans of Florence Nightingale. The new building will feature 140 new private apartments. The residences will consist of one, two and three bedroom apartments and two, three and four bedroom houses.

The hospital transformation will form the basis of the Aldershot Urban Extension program, known as Wellesley, developed by Grainger. Weston Homes is planning to start the project in 2019.

Bob Weston, chairman and chief executive of Weston Homes, says “Weston Homes is pleased to be working alongside Grainger plc to reinvigorate the iconic Victorian and Edwardian military buildings of the Cambridge Military Hospital and transform them into a new residential address for Aldershot that local people will be proud to call home.

“With our proven historic building restoration expertise, Weston Homes will bring a new lease of life to these heritage buildings which are of national importance due to their military history, we will transform them into modern homes layered with the rich history and unique character of this historic site.”

Robert Stone, head of estates, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, told “We are pleased with this acquisition by Weston Homes, which secures the future of these important historical military buildings.

“The iconic Cambridge Military Hospital, a local and national icon steeped in history, is a key cornerstone of our strategy for the Wellesley development, and we are therefore delighted to see these buildings being brought back into use as new homes for the local community.”

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