You will be informed about Pearl of Istanbul location in this news. Pearl of Istanbul stands out of its location and its recreational design. Deliveries are scheduled for 3 years later.

Pearl of Istanbul  stands out of its location!

Pearl of Istanbul  stands out of its location!

This Turkey real estate consists of 1970 residences, 20 commercial units and 466 rooms hotel. This belended project spans over  62,000 sqm 3 parcel piece of land.

This Istanbul property for sale is being realized on the European side of Istanbul in the neighborhood of Kumburgaz which is part of Buyukcekmece district by Hema Insaat. You will be informed about Pearl of Istanbul location in this news. 

Hema Insaat is a firm which is established by Hattat Holding.Pearl of Istanbul stands out of its location

The property spans over 434,400  sqm piece of land. This blended project has hotel part which spans over totaly 69,660 sqm ground.

This project is expected to be completed in 35 months. Pearl of Istanbul project delivery date is scheduled for in the last quarter of 2017.

This housing development is designed as 10  residential blocks and 5 apart hotel blocks. The blocks spans over 12,120 sqm piece of land, and the project will contain 49,979  piece of green land.

Pearl of Istanbul Buyukcekmece contact info: 0212 285 22 40


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