In the Beltline’s Southside area of Atlanta, a flat of 136 units will be built to meet the public housing needs.

According to the documents sent to the city’s economic development agency Invest Atlanta, the Prestwick Development Company will build a four-story building on 55 Milton Avenue in Peoplestown, Atlanta.

Moving to launch the project, Invest Atlanta has requested a grant of $ 2 million from the Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

60 percent or 118 units of the project is expected to be suitable for middle-income families.

According to Invest Atlanta, prices for one-bedroom houses will start at $ 349, and rents up to $ 1,129 for three bedrooms.

Atlanta is the largest city and capital of the state of Georgia, USA. The population of Atlanta within the city borders is 432,427. and the large metropolitan area of Atlanta together with its suburbs has a population of 5,457,831 and is the ninth largest metropolitan region of the United States.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]