Pırıl Houses which located in Çeşme region of Izmir totally consist of 18 villas. Villas keep sea, sun and sky together. Delivery time is now.

Pırıl Houses!

Pırıl Houses which built by Selimoğlu Group totally occur 18 villas. Villas of the project are located in near by Çeşme downtown region Izmir. 

Pırıl Houses offer three options like sweeping mountain and forest and villas have bird’s eye view to marina. The project that installed central heating boiler and climate has 350 m2 garden field.

Pırıl Houses also includes playgrounds for children. Moreover, villas keep sea, sun and sky together. Turnkey is now.

Pırıl Houses Communication

Adress: Çeşme/Izmir/TURKEY

Web Site: www.selimoglugroup.com

Tel: (0216) 360 30 34

Damla DOĞAN/ damladogan@emlakcoulisse.com