With about Dh82 million earmarked for Expo 2020, Poland hopes the six-month-long exhibition will serve as a better gateway to the UAE and Middle Eastern markets, opening doors for lasting commercial ties.
Although diplomatic relations between Poland and the UAE were established 27 years ago, bilateral trade clocks only about $1 billion a year. Food, furniture and luxury boats make up the chunck of Poland’s exports, accounting for just $550 million.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PITA) is responsible for Poland’s participation in Expo 2020. Tomasz Pisula, President of the PITA says that exports to the UAE are below our expectations. Also he says: “Penetrating the highly competitive UAE market hasn’t been easy for Polish exporters. Though quality has never been a problem for Polish products.”

He explains that about 81 percent of everything we export goes to the wealthy market or the EU. “Thirty percent of our exports end up in Germany alone – we are the production centre for the German economy. But this comes at a certain cost. We get little brand recognition.”

For the time being, however, PITA’s focus is on Expo 2020 and how it can help Polish products and technologies make inroads into the UAE and the wider region.

Pisula says: “At the Expo, we want to highlight Polish culture but at the same time we want to show how modern and advanced Poland is in terms of production and technology.”

Polish presence at the exhibition which starts on October 20, 2020 and runs until April 10,2021. It is expected to include It/ICT, medical equipment, health services. Also it will include construction and finishing of buildings, yachts and recreational boats, furniture, tourism, fashion, cosmetics and food.

Efforts are also on to increase visibility and awareness of Polish companies in the region in the run-up to Expo 2020. Last month, PITA set up a national stand at the Big 5 in Dubai to promote the Polish construction industry. From innovative wooden washbasins and garden pools to construction chemicals and tools, a wide variety of products and services from 39 companies were on display.

Source: Gulf News
Fulya Altunyay/ [email protected]