It is planned to build an affordable housing project just north of Argyle Mall in Canada. Politicians also received support for the affordable housing project. However, the price of the rental prices from the housing project has not yet been determined.

The London-based company Zerin Development, which is known for its helpfull efforts, plans to build a 65-unit residential project at the eastern end of the city.
According to the Deputy Mayor Jesse Helmer, it will be a very well developed building on a parcel that has been little used.

Zerin representatives said that their aim was to meet the housing need of the region. There will be 57 one-bedroom apartments in the apartment building to be built. However, it was not decided how these units would be priced. The prices of one-bedroom apartments in the area are less than $ 1000.

There will be 65 parking spaces in the affordable housing project.

Regional representative Shawn Lewis says “The faster we can get this approved and get shovels in the ground, the happier people will be. I’m delighted with this development.”

Lewis said the accessibility of units, particularly the washrooms, was particularly attractive to some of the seniors in his ward.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]