A part of Hong Kong’s iconic golf course is planned to be built properties. The task force also proposed the development of private farmland, recreation areas, caves and underground areas and the conversion of land from the sea to more land.

Hong Kong has long been plagued by land shortages and Chief Executive Carrie Lam pledged that land supply is always “a very important topic” to her government.

“Land shortage has undoubtedly crippled Hong Kong for a long time. Society can hardly move forward if the problem is not solved promptly,” said Stanley Wong Yuen Fai, chairman of the task force in a media briefing. “We hope the government would consider our recommendations in detail.”

While the task force accepted Ms. Lam’s plan proposed in a five-month public consultation, she proposed a similar rehabilitation plan of only 1000 hectares.

Source: Business Times

Melike Vodina / realestatecoulisse.com