In Quebec, one of Canada’s largest cities, a new association was established, bringing together more than 12,500 real estate agents. The name of the Association was determined as the Real Estate Commissioner for Real Estate in Quebec.

QPAREB’s press release demonstrates its vision to promote intermediary institutions in the Metropolitan Area, which manages the intermediary institutions in the Montreal Metropolitan Area (Quebec City (CIQ) and Laurentides (CIL).

96 percent of the real estate agents attending the committee voted to consolidate the meeting last year.

Nathalie Bégin, Christiane St-Jean and Anouk Vidal will serve as chairmen until the new union board. The new board will be established in April.

“Our goal is to bring real estate brokers together in a new provincial association model that will become the only organization in Quebec dedicated to promoting our profession and defending and protecting our interests with government authorities,” said Christiane St-Jean, co-president of the QPAREB.

He added “We can now speak with a united, credible and consistent voice to better address the issues facing our profession.”

The head office of the new board will be in Montreal.

Canada is not only the largest state in the Eastern Canadian region, but also the only state in Canada where French is the official language. Québec has a population of 7.6 million, including the more than 700,000 new Québec people who have chosen the province for a better life. Today’s Québec society provides a modern and solid society with the advanced education system and the health system that everyone can benefit from for free.

Its broad and diversified economy derives its power from the rich IT sector as well as the growing IT sector and various other industries. Export-import performance has placed Québec among the world’s top 20 economies. Québec is divided into 17 regions, which differ greatly from each other.

Source: shupilov, wikipedia

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