Blockade Runner Beach Resort, the most important and iconic structure of the North Carolina region, was reopened. Terry Allred participated in the renovation and design of the hotel.

The opening of the famous hotel took place in two stages. In the first phase, the tower building with the largest room block was opened. The second opening will take place in March-April.

The plant was closed in September 2018 to repair the damages caused by Hurricane Florence. According to experts, the losses caused by the hurricane are estimated to be five million.

Blockade Runner’s exterior and subfloor are concrete and steel. However, most of the interior walls are plaster and plasterboard. Seventy-five percent of these walls were changed in the tower building and all of these walls will be replaced in the balcony building. The property also lost the entire roof in the balcony building.

Most of the damage was related to roofing, walls and insulation. The latest elevators were renovated.

The facility previously opened in 1964 by Lawrence Lewis on the site of the former Ocean Terrace Hotel. Ocean Terrace was damaged by the hurricane. In 1971; It was bought by Joseph Baggett.

The hotel was later named Blockade Runner. The hotel consists of 120 rooms.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]