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According to the Land Registry data, residential property prices in England and Wales increased by 6.4 percent in December. The average property value reached £188,270 in England and Wales.Monthly house prices rose by 1.2% since November 2015.

London experienced the greatest increase in its average property value over the last 12 months with a movement of 12.4%.London also experienced the greatest monthly growth with an increase of 2.1%.

The lowest annual price growth has realized in the North East with 0.8 percent.Wales saw the most significant monthly price fall with a decrease of 0.8%.

Completed house sales fell by 8 percent in October 2015 to 79,960 compared to October 2014 from 86,452 houses.The number of properties sold in England and Wales for more than £1 million fell by 2% to 1,231 from 1,258 a year earlier.


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