Mexico hotel purchase and development company RHL Properties will build 2 new hotels and complexes in Nayarit. The company will invest 260 million dollars for new projects.

The housing and hotels will be built on 265 Nectare Mandarina located on the Riviera Nayarit to the north of Puerto Vallarta.

“For both developments, we estimate an investment of approximately US $260 million . . ” said RLH general director Borja Escalada Jiménez. One of the facilities will be 130 rooms and the other has 104 rooms.

“The Rosewood is in an advanced design phase and it will also have residences that we haven’t yet put on the market, a polo field, an equestrian center and restaurants,” Escalada said.

RLH board chairman Allen Sanginés-Krause said that the company’s current focus is on Mexico and the Iberian Peninsula.

“We don’t have a target number of properties to buy, we’ll do it depending on the opportunities,” he said.

The Mandarina development markets itself online as “an ultra-private destination” that “will immerse residents and guests in the culture of Riviera Nayarit while nurturing the warmth of a community.”


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