Romanian investors invest 200m euros in 2018. Romanian investors raised the romanian real estate market last year. How did Romanian real estate investors affect the Romanian real estate market? How much did Romanian property investors invest in the Romanian real estate market?

In 2018, Romanian investors made history by investing 200m euros in the Romanian  real estate market. It was the largest real estate investment in Romanian history. Romanian investors ranked second in the volumes produced by the government.

Investors invested five times more than 2017 to buy commercial property in 2018. Investors paid 200m euros to investments throughout the year.

Robert Miklo, Investment Services director, Colliers International said “The increased presence of the Romanian capital on the real estate market marks a possible turning point. Because one of the observations we have received so far from some foreign investors without activity here was: if Romanians do not trust the local assets, why should we?

At the same time, it is also a sign that the Romanian economy as a whole has grown so much in the last decade to lead to capital accumulation, a positive aspect for longer term prospects.

Local investors in Central and Eastern Europe account for 23 percent of the investment process. Romania approached other countries this year.

One of the most important events of the Romanian real estate sector last year was the realization of 2 major real estate transactions by Romanian investors.

“The sale of The Bridge and Oregon Park offices in Bucharest is one of the top 10 largest real estate deals ever made in Romania.

If Romania’s economy does not go too far from potential growth in 2019 (about 4 percent), and the global economy will remain in a relatively favorable dynamics, growth in the real estate market can also be seen.

Last year yields in the Central and Eastern European capitals continued to decline, increasing the gap with prices in Romania.

Thus, despite the more difficult economic context and higher uncertainties than a year ago, there are premises for 2019 to generate new positive surprises, and these two records recorded in 2018 could even be overcome,” added Miklo.

One of the biggest transactions to advance the Romanian real estate sector was the Dedeman hotel group investing in the country.


Sevdenur Demir /

Sevdenur Demir /