saudi arabia+german

When looked at the range of foreigner’s real estate investment in Turkey, Saudi Arabians ranks first with 824 thousand square meters and 1,115 people in the first quarter of this year.Germany follows Saudi Arabians with 2,680 people and 780 thousand square meters.

Real estate sector continues to attraction center for foreign investor in Turkey with legislative regulations.According to GYODER 2015 H1 report, it is seen that while due to political uncertainty institutional investors take a waiting decision, individual investors were not affected negatively.

Foreign investors prefer mostly Muğla in the first half of this year with 3,357 people and 824 thousand square meters.Antalya ranks second with 2,923 people in the list.Yalova and Ankara follow Antalya city.Foreign investors continues to purchase properties with forex advantage in Turkey.

Nurullah Kırmacı/