The SC Index which has been generated as a joint project by AYD and Akademetre Research has been announced with the latest finding covering February 2014..

SC Sales Index increased 8 points in February in technology category!

According to the periodically publicized data, comparing sales index to the same period of last year SC sales index has increased by 6,1 % and reached 138 points in February 2014.

In February 2014, the sales per SCs leasable area (sqm) has increased by 5% comparing to the same period of last year. The SCs leaseable area (sqm) occurred as 608 TL in Istanbul, 469 TL in Anatolia and recorded as 520 TL in Turkey generally.

Restriction of instalment in technology caused 14% decrease in this category…

Comparing to the same month of last year, sales index has recorded a significant decrease in technology category in February 2014 as a result of restriction of instalment number. Technology market sales index has decreased by 14% in February. Except for technology the sales index recorded increase in all other categories. Sales index in other categories has been recorded as following: 11% increase in clothing, 10% increase in shoes&bags category, 6% increase in hypermarket and general category, 5% increase in food Other* areas in located in the SCs. (*Other Category consists of shops such as; DIY, furniture, home textile, souvenir, toys, cinema, personal care and cosmetics, jewellery, hobby, petshop, tailor, shoe repair service, exchange office, dry cleaning and pharmacy.)

Foot-fall Index

Compared to February of the previous year, an increase of 4% has been recorded in foot-fall index in February 2014.

Reviewing SC Index February figures, AYD Chairman Mr. Hulusi Belgü says “As discount campaigns started in shopping centers, we can see increase in sales index. SC Sales Index rose by 6,1% in February 2014 compared to the same period of last year. Discount campaigns resulted highest increases in clothing and shoes&bags categories. On the other hand starting with mobile phones, law on restriction of instalment number to credit cards in technology sales came into the force on 01 February 2014. This new law had a negative effect on technology sales in Febraury sales and index in this category decreased by 14% in February. When we look at the sales index of technology category in January we see that technology sales increased by 26% in January. This means the consumers preferred to buy their technology needs before law on restriction of instalment number to credit cards came into the force. We believe sales index in technology category will balance in upcoming months. However we have to observe the results of credit card instalment restriction to consumption and economy very carefully”.

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