Soyak Gaziosmanpasa is being constructed by Soyak which is renown firm in the urban transformation field. Gaziosmapasa will have new environment thanks to the urban transfromation.

Soyak is part of the urban transformation in Gaziosmanpaşa!

Construction grounds span over 300,000 square meters!

Soyak is one of the construction companies who take part in the urban transformation of Gaziosmanpasa. Construction grounds will span over 300,000 square meters.

The Soyak Gaziosmanpasa housing complex will be situated in the highway area next to Avrupa Konutları housing complex, TEM3 and the İhlas Yapı housing project.

The total number of homes will be over 3000. Soyak Gaziosmanpasa construction work starts in 2014.

Soyak Gaziosmanpasa contact info: phone: 444 0 795 or visit

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