Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed a vertical jungle tower for the Albania. Colorful and scented flowers and plants will be planted in the tower called the Vertical Forest of Tirana.

Vertical forests are structures that are planted to increase the green area in cities and to improve air quality. Stefano Boeri Architetti specializes in such structures. He has designed towers in cities such as Milan, Utrecht and Nanjing.

The Tirana Vertical Forest will be a residential building. The tower will be 21 storey high and house 105 apartments. Also, it will include four underground levels and the ground floor will have spaces for shops. Floor to ceiling windows will provide maximum view of the city through the plants growing on its balconies.

The plants to be grown on the balcony and terraces of the Tiran Vertical Forest were carefully selected.

Architect Laura Gatti, said, “Tirana is a Mediterranean capital, which is why we have chosen different essences typical of this particular ecosystem for the first Albanian Vertical Forest.”

Gatti added, “Shrubs characterised by a very vivid green colour and brightly coloured flowers in yellow and violet,” will be planted along the building, as well scented plants and herbs such as myrtle and rosemary.”

3.200 bushes and 145 trees will be planted on the facade of the apartment block. The architectural firm will create a 550 square foot green surface for Tirana. Plants naturally absorb CO2 and fine particles that pollute the atmosphere in cities, giving out oxygen and creating microclimates that can be healthier for residents.

Stefano Boeri Architetti project director Francesca Cesa Bianchi, said, “We have worked on the theme of the facade, overturning the convention in which the main facade of each building is the longest, and completely opening the short side of this new Vertical Forest towards the city.”

Source: Dezeen

Fulya Altunyay/ [email protected]