TOKİ (housing development administration of Turkey) has put Project into practise for tenants in order to hold harmless. 9.7 hectares of urban transformation in Karabük, will provide to possess houses as well as 63 tenants.

Tenants will possess houses as well by urban transformation in Turkey!

Draw ceremony for 361 houses will be held in October 2013. According to the statement made by Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration, the protocol, that is related Karabük Soğuksu neighbourhood 1.stage Urban Transformation Project, was signed on 22 January 2013.

TOKİ will determine drawn by lot  the owner of the 420 houses at Soğuksu neighbourhood. T The eighth ground floor apartment of 420 housing units are not included by TOKİ in the lottery. 63 tenants and 135 rightful owners have requested type B2 2+1 houses. 82 C1 type 3 +1 housing demand was realized. 81 rightful owners demanded 82 housing C2-type 3 +1. To determine the rightful owners of houses draw ceremony will be held on October 17 2013 in Indoor Sports Hall. Deputy Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, Mehmet Ali Şahin and regional members of parliament and authorised officer of TOKİ. 850 residental houses will be built by TOKİ at Karabük Soğuksu neighbourhood 1.stage. Also Trade areas and mosques will be built.Completed tender of 82 thousand 336 houses’ construction works have been started. Construction of 51 thousand 246 houses were completed and delivered to the owners. TOKİ has built 602 thousand houses, 935 schools, 960 gym, 140 dormitories, 94 health centers, 213 hospitals, 491 trade centers, 480 mosques, 41 libraries, 35 love the houses, 20 barrier-free living centers, 93 public buildings, 14 stadiums

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