In 1920, the building was built as a bank in Zagreb and was converted into a hotel. The design of the hotel was made by HBA London.

The former building was re-created by Ugo Group Zagreb and the London-based design company HBA. The old bank building was converted into a modern boutique hotel. Zagreb was inspired by the city while the building was being designed.

“This has been a very special project because the client gave us creative free rein to think afresh and design a hotel that is different for Zagreb,” said HBA London’s Creative Director, Constantina Tsoutsikou who last month was confirmed as the headline speaker of IDAS.

“We were blessed with the Secessionist and Art Nouveau heritage, and this lovely period for design infuses the new interiors which are fresh, playful and a little magical within a sometimes imposing architectural form. There will be something of a Croatian fairy tale to the guest experience.”

The hotel was designed in a simple and Viennese style. The original building was designed in 1921 by Viennese architects Ernst Gottilf and Alexande Neumann who specialised in landmark bank buildings in central Europe.


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